Don’t Let Current Financial Uncertainties Affect Your Retirement

Do you wonder if you have enough money saved to retire? Are you worried about running out of money in retirement, or losing your retirement savings in a stock market downturn? You’ve come to the right place. If you are planning to retire in the next five or 10 years, or if you are already retired, GCB Retirement Strategies can help you with customized retirement planning strategies. We are an independent firm with access to hundreds of solutions, and our focus is on protecting you.

Retirement Services Tailored for You

Social Security Maximization

We can help you and your spouse maximize your Social Security benefits before you file.

Medicare / Prescription Drug Consultation

We’ll help you compare options, including Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans.

Retirement Income Planning

Creating reliable monthly income streams from your amassed retirement assets is critical. We can help.

Long-Term Care Planning

New long-term care options allow you coverage for LTC if you need it, and optional benefits if you don’t.

Income Tax Planning

With pre-tax accounts like 401(k)s, income tax planning is essential before you start withdrawing funds.

Roth Planning

Slowly converting pre-tax assets into after-tax Roth accounts over several years can help some save thousands.

Insurance Strategies

Today’s tax-advantaged insurance policies can address multiple needs while eliminating market risk.

Wealth Planning

You don’t have to give up returns while investing more safely in retirement. The goal is protection plus growth.

Trust and Legacy Planning

Want to pass on your wealth to the next generation in the most efficient manner possible? We can help.

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Annetta Carter, CLTC®

Director of Retirement Strategies

Meet Annetta Carter

With 31 years of experience in the financial services industry, Annetta Carter is completely focused on helping people with the strategies they need to successfully retire. This includes providing Social Security maximization counseling, Medicare and prescription drug policy consultation, retirement income planning, long-term care planning, income tax planning, Roth planning, insurance planning, wealth planning, trust and legacy planning and much more—the entire spectrum of retirement is considered in Annetta’s services to pre-retirement and retirement clients in Texas and Florida.

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